Teaching Kids to Respond Effectively To Bullying

Bullying is defined as an activity in which a kid or teen uses his power imbalance of any kind to hurt, embarrass or tease the other kids. Essentially, bullying can be termed as abuse of power.

The reasons for bullying are numerous. The kids who are not fulfilled, are hurt from inside, are powerless in any aspect, or are scared usually find pleasure in hurting other kids to make them feel hurt. This pleasure is, sometimes, so strong that it even converts into an addiction which the kid carries through the later stages of his life. But, it is the fact that a bully is always a kid who is powerless and hurt. And the bad news is that the kid who gets hurt due to bullying usually becomes powerless against the urge of becoming a bully.

So, is there are a way you can prevent your kid to face bullies? It’s not possible. Your child will, somehow, get his path crossed with the bullies in his life. Another thing that you need to keep in mind is that your child cannot become a person with abilities to completely overcome the bullies he would face. Hence, you will need to teach him about handling the bullies, and seeking necessary help when it doesn’t remain possible to avoid handle things on his own.

Teach them to connect

If your child is empathetic and compassionate, he would more likely find himself in good strength to avoid being bullied and become a bully. Hence, you will need to teach your kids the value of empathy and respectful relationships instead of teaching them to push others for getting things done. So, you need to realize the importance of using words and avoid spanking in front of your kids. So, any way to discipline the kids that deals with enforcement of house laws can be disastrous especially when kids are at young age.

Stay connected

Instead of being a protective parent, you can actually stay connected with your kid. The difference between protective parenting and connection building with the kid is that a deeper connection allows the kid to be open for guidance. On the other hand, protective parenting usually involves harshness which also affects the kids. Hence, they would not like to talk to you upon anything due to your harsh behavior.

Be a role model

If you have the habit of pulling back in order to avoid creating the bad scene, you are actually being bullied. This behavior cannot teach your kids to feel empowered. Instead, you should have the ability to stand on the right stance by asserting the right thing and finding solutions. That will give your child the important lesson to deal with the bullies.


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